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Welcome to the Frank Group Home Page

Welcome to the home page of the research group of Professor Harry A. Frank in the Department of Chemistry in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Connecticut.  Research in our group is focusing on the molecular details of energy and electron transfer in photosynthesis with particular attention being given to the various roles carotenoids play in the process.  These include light-harvesting, photoprotection, singlet oxygen scavenging, excess energy dissipation, protein structure stabilization, energy flow regulation, and acting as redox components.  We use a number of bioanalytical methods for sample preparation and analysis, and steady-state and time-resolved molecular spectroscopic techniques to probe the energies and dynamics of the excited states of the protein-bound pigments.  The overall goal of the work is to understand the relationship between the structure of the photosynthetic apparatus and its physiological function of converting solar energy into chemical potential. To learn more about our activities please click on the links.